Agrar Simulator 2013

Agrar Simulator 2013

A flawed farming simulator


  • Highly entertainting and suprising gameplay
  • Real brand tractors


  • Clunky controls do not allow precise driving
  • Confusing tutorials

Not bad

Agrar Simulator 2013 is a game, like Farming Simulator 2013, that allows players to drive farm tractors and move cargo. The short demo features several small tutorials designed to familiarize players with the fundamentals of operating their vehicles. These instructional segments contain poor directions and information, often times omitting the controls for completing such tasks.

You will need to browse through the options and settings to learn how to perform routine maneuvers such as boarding their tractor and rigging trailers. Without doing this, players may find themselves unable to board a vehicle or randomly teleporting toward spawn points.

Even after getting a grasp of the Agrar Simulator 2013's inputs, it can be frustrating to control a tractor. In one instance accelerating too quickly caused the tractor to nosedive into the ground, spin on its front tires, and finish with a hop back to stable grounding. During a second test a finicky checkpoint required finesse precision in order to register as completed. Suffice to say, the lumbering tractor required several grazes and flat out misses, before finally aligning with its mark.

Agrar Simulator 2013 lacks polish and any sense of realism. However, there is a charm in favor of its shoddy execution. The demo offers a large amount of amusement from the game's unpredictable and outlandish flaws. Given UIG's track record with past titles, such as Woodcutter Simulator, one could assume that the strange design is quite purposeful.

Agrar Simulator 2013's bizarre functionality is further compounded with major tractor companies such as Massey Ferguson and Valtra. This could have strong appeal to diehard fans of farming equipment. For most players, there will likely be a gleeful shock watching a Challenger barrel off the side of the road and massacre a flock of chickens.

Agrar Simulator 2013's demo should be downloaded and enjoyed by anyone that wants to see things go array. Those wanting a down to earth simulation may be in for a great surprise.

Agrar Simulator 2013


Agrar Simulator 2013

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